Handmade Skis From Colorado Trees



The Doc

An Outlaw in The Backcountry.
Welcome to the Wild West!

Quiver Killer? Yes. If Doc Holiday had skied, he’d have sought the steeps. He’d have been aggressive. Gone out of bounds. The Doc, with its minimized traditional camber & early rise tip makes for an awesome all around everyday ski. It’s designed to carry you through anything that nature dishes out. It writes the rules. Just like history’s favorite gambler.

The Doc is an all terrain, all mountain, handcrafted downhill ski with camRise camber technology and a wood-core laminate.


What it looks like: Traditional camber underfoot with a slight lift in the tip.

What it’s for: The obvious benefits shine in powder, but the camRise design also makes turning effortless in any condition: hardpack, curd, or ice. Meier’s camRise makes it easy to lay it down, so it saves your legs and gives you a smooth and stable ride all day long. The Doc and BNK feature camRise.


Product Specifications

Year: 2015/2016

Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

Gender: Male

Binding: Flat

Lengths: 167 / 174 / 179 / 184

Sidecut Radius: 19m, 20m, 21m and 22m

Tip/Waist/Tail: 140-108-133

I am grateful for the skill and talents of Matt and his team creating a ski which is perfect for groomers and excellent for powder. The Doc skis are smooth, quick and effortless to control. Over the years I have had concerns about which skis are easy to control and thus easy on my knees. A pair of custom handmade Colorado Rocky Mountain Meier Skis were the answer. The craftsmanship and care which goes into creating these skis are second to none. I have tried various skis in the past and they did not perform as well as the Doc Holiday skis. Everyone should strap a set of Meier Skis on find out how much fun you will have."—David, Glenwood Springs, CO

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