Tyrolia Attack 11 Retail Binding

Tyrolia Attack 11 Ski Bindings 2018



Reliability is the most important thing in ski bindings, you rely on them to release you when they're supposed to and hold you when they're supposed to - The Tyrolia (Fischer, Head, 4Frnt - they are all the same) Attack 11 bindings do just that.  The Attack 13 has a lower stance height (17mm) than it's competitor the Marker Griffon 13 (22mm), gearing the Tyrolia more towards a freeski application.  A half centimeter doesn't sound like much but it lowering the skiers the center of gravity that much makes for a less hooky feel on sketchy landings.  The Attack 11 is an awesome binding that you should definitely consider for your skis, park skis especially.  

A wide and well designed screw pattern gives the Attack 11 a better interface and added durability; a necessity for expert skiers.  


FR Pro Toe - This wide-ride toe provides exceptional energy transmission to the ski’s edge for a precise snow feel.

Metal AFD - The ultra wide 77mm platform provides skiers with quick and precise edge to edge response.

Toe Height Adjustability - The AFD moves with a turn of a screw! This makes adjusting your toe height super quick, easy and safe.


Race Heel - Lightweight design that prevents pre-release - key for any level skiers.  

Free Ride Brake offered in 90mm width.  
(Fits Calamity Jane, Bangtail, Big Nosed Kate, Quickdraw)

Black or Red in color.

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