Meier Ski Goggles


Our premium goggles are made in small batches to keep costs low and quality high - sound familiar?

Challenger Goggle

A bestseller! A workhorse goggle built for expert skiers and everyone else wanting great optics at a reasonable price. We offer the Challenger in 3 lens options for different light conditions.

Light Transmission: 

Gold Lens - 16.6% (for brighter/bluebird light)

Blue Lens - 18.4% (all-purpose)

Green Lens - 24.3% (for flatter/overcast light)

Adapt Goggle

Our photochromic goggle option. A one-lens-does-it-all solution. This is offered in two lens color options. There is no difference in light transmission between colors.

Lens: photochromic technology adapts the tint to match the level of UV light hitting the lens. The lenses also come with multiple anti-fog coatings, an anti-scratch coating, 100% UV protection, and a wide lens for broader visibility.

Frame: Highly flexible TPU frame that molds to your face and won't break. Light Transmission: 30-84% VLT for all colors. 

Backcountry Magazine had this to say about the Adapt:

"One-hundred-percent UV protection and anti-fog properties enable the Adapt's clarity, while a flexible frame and compatibility with most helmets helps keep the goggles locked down with no gaps for brain freeze or errant breezes."