Meier Ski Goggles


Our premium goggles are made in small batches to keep costs low and quality high - sound familiar?

Adapt Goggle

Our photochromic goggle automatically adjusts to the light! We were blown away that the lens tint easily adapted from a classic Colorado bluebird day to a dim ski area parking garage in seconds. It's truly a one-lens-does-it-all solution - no more debating which lens to throw on in the parking lot!

This versatile goggle is offered in three lens color options. There is no difference in light transmission between colors.

Lens: photochromic technology adapts the tint to match the level of UV light hitting the lens. The lenses also come with multiple anti-fog coatings, an anti-scratch coating, 100% UV protection, and a wide lens for broader visibility.

Frame: Highly flexible TPU frame that molds to your face and won't break. Light Transmission: 30-84% VLT for all colors. 

Backcountry Magazine had this to say about the Adapt:

"One-hundred-percent UV protection and anti-fog properties enable the Adapt's clarity, while a flexible frame and compatibility with most helmets helps keep the goggles locked down with no gaps for brain freeze or errant breezes."