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What Are Crescent Moon Snowshoes?

Our aluminum snowshoe frame is made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum tubing for strength, durability, and reliability. The decking is made from an ultra-durable material called TGS which won’t tear or fail. These snowshoes have the only three-claw crampon traction system on the market and feature the only genuine toe claw found on any snowshoe. Made by Crescent Moon in Indiana, USA.

Adjustable poles are a popular choice to pair with snowshoes as well!

About the All-terrain Snowshoe 

Best for trails, for men and women up to 195 lbs.

It features Crescent Moon's all-foot encompassing binding system which uses an anatomical design for both L/R. Fits a range of sizes, very comfortable with adjustments that allow you to customize for your footwear.

Features aggressive stainless steel crampons including Crescent Moon's unique climbing toe claw along with a main claw immediately below the ball of your foot and at the heel. No slipping or sliding with these all-terrain trail snowshoes, even on hard and icy inclines. Recommended on steep, rolling, or flat terrain.

About the Men's Backcountry - the Gold 10

Recommended for snowshoers up to 225 lbs, fits shoe sizes 10.5 to 15

Bigger bindings, more traction, more surface area, the Gold 10 accommodates foot sizes 10 to 15 including large volume boots like a snowboard or hard-shell tele-boots and every other kind of cold weather boot. The Backcountry Snowshoe model also features a brilliant set of traversing claws in addition to the stainless steel teeth located at the ball, heel, and most uniquely, the climbing toe claw, and most importantly, everywhere you need traction and nowhere that you don't. The moderated teardrop shape of the men's backcountry Gold 10 model makes the 32" x 10" dimension feel more maneuverable than traditionally shaped 30" snowshoes.

About the Women's Backcountry - the Gold 13

Recommended for snowshoers up to 165 lbs, fits shoe sizes less than 12

It's lightweight, very easy to maneuver, and features an easy-to-use highly functional binding system.

The Gold 13 features a frame with a very steep nose and tapered tail. Because of this unique teardrop shape, with each step, the shoes will clear away from themselves within the distance of your own natural stride without forcing you to adopt a new walking style, like traditionally shaped snowshoes do. The Gold 13's are exceptionally responsive, lightweight, and comfortable on any trail.