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In celebration of it's 50th Birthday, Sunlight Mountain Resort has partnered with Meier Skis to build special limited-edition 50th Anniversary snowboard!  
Now for a limited time only, we’re inviting friends and family to reserve a pair of Sunlight skis at the wholesale price of $595, nearly 25 percent off the retail price. 
Like all of Meier’s snowboards, Sunlight’s 50th Anniversary boards are made from Colorado High Alpine Aspen and “Beetle-Kill” Pine trees so each has its own unique wood grain pigmentation. The Sunlight 50s are constructed with the same dimensions as Meier’s Jim Bridger snowboard

The Jim Bridger, first in its class

Jim Bridger was an explorer. Whether it was steep rocky mountains or vast plains to traverse, he did it and now you can too.  We started designing this snowboard over 3 years ago and have tweaked and adjusted to where it is today……perfection.   With an effective edge of 127.5 and low swing weight this board is effective.  Kind of like Jim Bridger’s ax.

UV Rocker

What it looks like: V rocker with unlimited possibilities. Camber when you NEED it, not all the time. Why do you want camber in powder…yuck!

What it’s for: Well have you ever wanted one board for everything?  This is for you.  From park to groomers to steep narrow couloirs, you will find yourself smiling again after years of snowboard design drought.  Smile…..yes smile, it’s time again to enjoy snowboarding.

Product Specifications

Year : 2016/2017

Level : Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

Gender : Unisex

Lengths : 154 with effective edge of 121.9

                161 with effective edge of 127.5

Sidecut Radius :  7.5, 8.0

Tip/Waist/Tail : 154cm   Tip 30.9  Mid 25.5  Tail 30.9

                          161cm   Tip 31.5  Mid 26.1  Tail 31.5

**Skis and snowboards with a limited edition top sheet graphic are made to order. Please allow for between 2-4 weeks for shipment.