Tie-Dyed Hoody Sweatshirt

The First Tie-Dyed Meier Hoody!

This midweight hoody can function as a jacket in balmy mountain temps. With a fully lined hoody attached, this aqua blue tie-dye hoody is sure to put a smile on the face of the Meier fan in your life - even if that's you! The hoody features a 2" Meier Skis logo on the front left chest.

More Details

  • Fabric: 80% ring spun cotton, 20% polyester blend 
  • Care Instructions: Due to the nature of tie-dye, loose pigments may remain on the surface of the garments. Therefore it's strongly recommend washing these garments only with like-colored garments, as some of the tie dyes may stain light or white colored garments in the wash cycle. Washing the garments in cold water will reduce the possibility of staining.