Secret Stash

Hey - you found it! Nice work. This is the place for great skis that we don't keep in inventory.


image of ski builder inspecting wooden ski cores

As we grew (and grew!) the number of ski models we offered, we had to make a new collection for the niche, the faves, the "we can't possibly not offer that ski, it's ah-mazing!" - welcome to the "Secret Stash". 

If you think the crew at Meier doesn't play favorites with their ski, you'd be wrong. Ted loves the Mother Lode, even on moderate soft snow days. Michelle had an unforgettable day at Alta on the Madam. And Chase NEEDS the Bangtail for beer league races on the East Coast. Don't fear, friends. For those that need something special to expand their quiver, we offer the secret stash. 

The secret stash isn't sitting in the cupboard waiting for love - we're gonna build it fresh, just for you.

Secret Stash skis are built fresh for you and typically ship in 3-4 weeks