Custom Design Snowboards

Design Your Own Custom Snowboard

Person snowboarding down a mountain on a custom design snowboard from Meier Skis in Denver Colorado

At Meier Skis, our goal is to make high-performance, hand-crafted snowboards in a sustainable way. Your custom cnowboard will be handmade in our very own Craft Skiery.

Your snowboard can be easily customized with graphic changes, including meaningful elements like a beloved photo or business logo, to create a unique, custom-designed snowboard just for you, suitable for any model or length in our range.  

All Of Our Custom Design Snowboards Are Handmade

Our Handmade snowboards are crafted out of 100% natural wood products including American maple, Aspen, and beetle-kill pine right from here in Colorado. Not to mention all of our boards feature cutting-edge tech components.

Our craftsman know it takes precision, care, and a passion for fine craftsmanship to create a custom snowboard tailored to your needs.

We hand-select the best quality wood for our cores to bring you the most stable, fun ride of your life. Your custom snowboard is built to last and bring you a thrill every time.

How Our Custom Snowboard Design Process Works 

We created a design process that makes customizing your snowboard as easy as possible for you. Our customizable snowboard prices vary depending on the type of graphic you choose.

First, you choose what type of graphic you want to use:

$849: Choose any existing graphic design* and put it on any model we make

*excludes licensed graphics

$1199: Supply us with images and/or design ideas and our professional graphic designers do the work for you to create a totally unique to YOU custom snowboard.

You also have the option of using your own design. Just use our provided design template and follow our design specs, available here.

Once you choose the type of design you want, we work closely with you to get the model and the right length that will fit you. From there, our craftsman will handmake your snowboard.

*(includes 4 hours of design time or applying Meier branding to your uploaded design)

See How Our Custom Snowboards Are Made In Denver, CO