Shot Skis

We finally went there.

Introducing the Meier Shot Ski, built with shots in mind. It's made of with our signature aspen and beetle-kill wood core for eco-friendly sustainability, but without metal edges because safety first.

Offered in 2 designs, this multi-player ski comes complete with a full set of 4 releasable Meier drinking boots with bindings.

The base of the ski features the Meier branding on tip and tail oriented so one of the logos is always right side up - even if you're not.

Shot Ski boots feature 3 levels: green circle, blue square and black diamond. Each line is one ounce, so by black diamond you might want to seriously consider the ABV of your chosen beverage - no judgement.


  • Meier Shot Ski! Your choice or two graphics ($199) or get a custom topsheet with one hour of graphic design included ($299).
  • Set of 4 ski boots with Meier Skis logo mounted on ski.

If you checkout with custom graphic option, you'll receive an email from connecting you with our graphic designer to create a 1/1 graphic. Custom topsheets ship 4 weeks after final artwork approval. Standard graphic shot skis are in-stock.