Artist Series Information

Meier Skis is excited to offer artists the opportunity to offer their artwork on skis and snowboards while also earning a commission!

Step 1

Review the design specs below, also available as PDF download here. Follow this guide whether you're designing a ski or snowboard!

Step 2

Download the Photoshop file containing custom ski template or custom snowboard template (caution: they're 150MB). The ski template is our most popular ski, the Quickdraw, but we can easily adapt this to any model. The snowboard template is for Outlaw snowboard, the only board we currently manufacture. Complete your design on this template and save.

Step 3

Submit design to our dropbox linked here. Remember to include the layers!

Step 4

Email with a jpg (under 500KB) of your completed artwork. We can't promise that every design gets a huge splash on social media, but this will get it in front of the marketing team and listed on the website to be ready to buy. 

Speaking of marketing... the internet is a wild place full of art! A little self-promotion to those that already know and love your artwork can go a long way towards getting a check in the mail. hint hint

You will receive 10% of purchase price each time a customer orders your artwork on a ski or snowboard. We will not use your artwork in any other way without your permission because that would be lame and we're rad.


custom handmade skis instructions