Friends & Partners of Meier Skis

When you're the premier manufacturer of sustainable, eco-friendly wooden skis and snowboards, you get to partner with a lot of like-minded people and organizations. Our Friends & Partners page is where we like to highlight and share this information.


Grassracks makes the strongest, best-looking, and most eco-friendly racks for outdoor gear (ski, snowboard, surf, paddleboard, bike, wakeboard, skate, home, etc.). Our choice to use bamboo and eco-finishes ensures that the best racks on the planet are also the best racks for the planet.

Eco-friendly hand crafted eyewear with style, performance, and function


Step Off The Beaten Path



Named “TGR Best Camps 2015″ and “Best Gals Adventure 2014″,  Rippin Chix Camps are no-frills bike and ski camps/clinics for real girls and women. 
Expand your comfort zone while building confidence and skills with our unconventional baby step teaching methods… guaranteed.