Giving Back

As one of the fastest growing manufacturers of US made skis and snowboards we get to partner with a lot of like-minded people and organizations. We're in a unique position to provide charities with a product that really resonates with our local Colorado culture.

We often design a custom top-sheet for the charity on one of our best-selling ski models for a raffle giveaway or silent auction, allowing the cause to raise funds to use as they see fit. 

With space at a premium as Denver continues to grow, we're also able to provide a venue for fundraising events at our Craft Skiery. This includes donating our staff time and using relationships in the community to provide beverage service, as well as our contacts in the music industry to host a fun event that can reach more broadly than the charity may be able to provide without us. 

Due to overwhelming volume, we are unable to respond to any requests from schools.

Eligibility to work with Meier Skis (must meet all criteria listed below): 

  • Ties to the ski industry (resort or backcountry)
  • Working on one or more of the following issues: land access, inclusivity, safety, community 
  • Ask for charitable contribution is 4-6+ months out from time of request


cuchara mountain park pandero ski corporation logo
Cuchara Mountain Park and PSC are committed to providing affordable, family-friendly skiing and outdoor rec experiences so that more Coloradans and visitors to our state can participate.
In 2000 the ski area in Cuchara, CO, located about 3 hours south of Denver along the Southern Sangre de Cristo range, closed after two decades. This had dramatic effects on the local year-round economy and for years residents dreamed of the area reopening. In 2017, a community effort raised funds for Huerfano County to purchase roughly 50 acres of the old base area to become a public park and provide access to the old ski runs on USFS. This is now the Parker-Fitzgerald Cuchara Mountain Park and with its creation, the dreams of returning skiing to Cuchara and bringing life back to the abandoned ski area became closer to reality.

Panadero Ski Corporation (PSC), a 501c3 non-profit, was formed in 2019 and began work to rehab the old Riblet double chairlift, known simply as Lift 4 that is within the Cuchara Mountain Park. Funded by donors and work by volunteers with ski industry experience, PSC is now close to having the lift ready for Colorado state inspection and certification and with-it returning skiing to Cuchara after 22 years.

Meier Skis supports PSC with ski donations for silent auctions and by using platform to raise awareness around their project to drive fundraising efforts. You can help with their fundraising efforts and learn more here.


We love working with Friends of Berthoud Pass, who helps promote avalanche awareness. This organization doesn't have a space to host large classes and Meier Skis is able to provide free classes to the outdoor community out of our Denver Craft Skiery.

 As the Colorado backcountry continues to serve more and more population, an educated user population serves to keep backcountry skiers and motorists alike safer so they can return home safely after a day of adventure in the mountains.

Meier Skis is proud to support the Wells Fargo Cup. Not only is it the longest running professional ski race in the country, it's also the largest fundraiser for the National Center for Disabled Skiers. The energy and enthusiasm around this event is incredible. The support they provide to athletes like Dan Cnossen is immeasurable.


Dan found his way to Nordic biathlon through recruitment after losing both legs in 2009 while serving as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan. Not long after, Cnossen was indoor rock climbing and swimming, but he quickly grew to love skiing. Cnossen even moved to Winter Park, Colorado. Cnossen did not grow up skiing or shooting. He jokes that people give him way too much credit for an ability to fire a gun, which isn’t exactly like anything in military duty. The SEALs aren’t exactly firing air rifles. “I’m still new at this,” he said. “Still learning what pace I can get away with. I’m continuing to train to be a faster skier because that’s what I’m best at.”

NSCD custom skis

 Custom raffle ski as part of our 2024 exclusive ski sponsorship of the Wells Fargo Cup