Why Meier? Our Sustainable Philosophy

The Meier Difference

We're Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Conscious

Meier Skis makes high-performance, hand-crafted skis with respect for the environment. We constantly examine our construction process and intentionally choose eco-friendly and environmentally materials at every step when they meet our high-performance standards.

100% American Wood

A renewable resource! We’re proud to use the finest Colorado aspen, beetle-kill pine and US maple in our signature wood cores. We give trees that die in the beetle-kill pine epidemic a second life and help mitigate forest fires with responsible harvesting.

Bio-based Super Sap Epoxy

Powered by plants, we use a Super Sap epoxy that replaces petrochemicals with renewable, bio-based materials.

Sublimated Topsheet

Many ski graphics are applied using highly toxic printing ink from tip to tail. Meier uses a minimal amount of alternative ink that is heat pressed into a clear topsheet. Our minimal graphic coverage shows off the natural beauty of the wood, as well as our superior craftsmanship. Come see this process at our Denver Craft Skiery from the comfort of a barstool!

Extra Thick, Extra Hard Bases

ski builder placing meier branded die cut on black ski base with dramatic light shining behind

We use the most durable race-class base material available to resist rock (and other!) damage, which results in more tunes and more turns over the life of the ski. Plus, it’s wicked fast.

Wondering why we don't print custom graphics on our ski bases? The current material that is available for printing is softer and less durable than the material we use. We keep performance in mind before "cool" or even eco-friendly. After all, no one wants the world's most eco-friendly ski if it doesn't ski well.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Instead of buying packing paper to ship our skis, we re-use the sublimation paper that transfers the ink onto the topsheet as packing paper when skis are shipped to retailers and consumers worldwide. We re-use our old sanding belts from our tune machines as non-slip flooring in the factory, and a whole lot more!

In 2020, we made another industry first by eliminating 12' of single-use plastic from every single ski and snowboard we ship. Instead, an adhesive band at tip and tail, coupled with our durable nylon topsheet, keeps the skis safe during transport.

You’re Truly Supporting a Local Business

There’s a lot of misinformation out there around who *actually* makes their own skis and snowboards. Many people are shocked to find out the “designed in” label supports an overseas company. Our manufacturing shop employs an entire Denver-based workforce. With Meier, it’s easy to know who built your skis because you can watch!