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Meier Skis is excited to partner with the iconic band Widespread Panic for the ultimate piece of merch with this limited edition collection.

This listing is for the Sit n Ski graphic! The full set list also includes Light Fuse, Noteater, Ain’t Life Grand, Surprise Valley and Action Man graphics. Each graphic is available on any of our handmade skis snowboards or snowboard models in any length. Rock the slopes with Handmade Skis from Colorado Trees with sticks that perform as good as Widespread sounds.

With graphics that stun, some superfans are getting a second pair to hang on the wall to admire and think … “Ain’t Life Grand!”

These skis are custom made to your specifications.
Choose the graphic, ski model and length, and we build it just like you ordered!

Need help choosing the right shape? Try our easy ski finder!

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Or, reach out to us on email, phone or text and a real live skier help choose the perfect model for you.

**Skis and snowboards with a limited edition top sheet graphic are made to order. Please allow for between 4-6 weeks for shipment.