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Eco-Friendly Brush Set


Do you know the unsung heroes of waxing + tuning? Wax Brushes! They can help prep your skis + snowboards to accept wax, and remove what's left behind after scraping. With this kit, you'll do it all while looking good and going green. All the brushes feature a wooden, ergonomic handle, and come packed in a seriously dapper 100% organic cotton bag.


  • Brass Brush (Prep) - to get your bases in order before laying down a fresh coat of wax.
  • Nylon Brush (Finish) - to get rid of any wax residue and unveil the structure of your base.
  • Horsehair Brush (Polish) - For a nice shine while getting rid of any wax-residue-roadblocks that may impede your glide.

Pro-tip: The base structure (the ridges on the bottom of your skis) is what helps you glide on top of the snow. Too much wax on top of that wavy structure stops it from helping you fly! Brushes are the best way to expose that structure while letting your fresh wax work its magic.