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This is our premium binding for downhill (resort only) skiing. We choose the Pivot for its consistency and reliability. It's extremely sturdy for even the hardest chargers on the mountain and releases very well when tested in our House of Tunes shop at Meier Skis.

This binding is the "12" because the DIN setting ranges from 4-12. Your personal DIN setting is determined by your weight, age and skier type. The majority of skiers fall within this range of DIN settings.

Wondering What Size to Get? Choose a brake size that is +/- 8mm of the underfoot size of your ski, which is the middle number. For example, the Quickdraw is 134-88-111, which is 88mm underfoot. So, the 95mm size is the right choice. Choose the option that has the least difference between the ski width and brake width, erring on the slightly wider side.

This retail binding is mounted to the ski specifically for an individual skiers boot. We do need one boot to mount the binding and give Meier Ski owners a 20% discount on the binding mount.

The Technical Stuff

The classic "turntable" design with 7 points-of-contact maximizes coupling strength for instant power transmission, precision, and ski control and offers the most effective shock absorption for confident retention and release. Compatible with both WTR (Walk-to-Ride) and Alpine boot sole norms.

DIN/ISO: 4-12             Brake: 95mm, 115mm

Long ElasticityLonger elastic travel ensures more reliable retention to keep you in when you need. LOOK bindings offer the most elastic travel (lateral and vertical) and the fastest re-centering prior to release, ensuring superior shock absorption to reduce unwanted pre-release.

Short Mounting Zone - The shortened mounting zone provides less swing weight, improved response, and a deeper, rounder, more consistent ski flex.

Pivot Turntable Heel - LOOK's classic PIVOT turntable heel design offers 28mm of elastic travel and rotates directly under the tibia, delivering elite-level shock absorption and the industry's most trustworthy retention.

7 Points of Contact - More points-of-contact with the boot equals more coupling strength (boot-to-binding interface), increasing energy transmission and driving more power to the edge of the ski for superior control, response, and snow feel.

Full Toe Action - Featuring 45mm of elastic travel and 180⁰ multi-directional release, the FULL ACTION toe piece delivers best-in-class retention and release and increased coupling strength (boot-to-binding interface) for maximum power transmission.

Multi-Directional Release - LOOK is the only binding brand to develop a true mechanical upward release that functions independently from the heel for the most effective multi-directional protection in the case of a fall.

Open Binding - Traditional screw-mounted bindings are compatible with any "flat" alpine ski on the market.