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Limited Edition Art - only 100 will be released

The Allman Brothers Band were the first and greatest Southern blues band to hit the big time. Some fans credit the group as the original jam band. Regardless, the importance of their legacy is undeniable as a genre-smashing group of musicians, and we're proud to offer a truly unique piece of merch that jams on the mountain.

This Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band has been ranked by Rolling Stones in the top 100 greatest artists of all time, and we've got a fresh new offering for mountain lovers.

For the first time ever, the iconic Allman Brothers Band and their arresting album art is now available on our world-class snowboard, captured here an artistic mashup of album covers. The Allman Brothers Band art is made on our eco-friendly, high performance skis by us in our Denver, Colorado Craft Skiery.

A True Collectible

Each ski and snowboard will have the exact production number with a limit of 100 graphics ever to be made. Whether it's a ski, snowboard, or wall art ski or snowboard, this graphic will be retired after the first 100 sales across all 4 products offered.

About the Snowboard


The Outlaw is our original all-mountain board. Inspired by the Corsair plane, the V rocker in the center of the board engages in firm conditions while still allowing for soft float in powder. Riders find this hyper unique design performing well all over the state (and beyond!) in every condition from icy early season groomers, mid-winter pow and spring slush alike. 


What it looks like: V rocker with unlimited possibilities. Camber that engages when you need it, while the subtle edges of the V disengage when you don't (like pow).

What it’s for: Riders wanting one board to take them everywhere. The unique rocker provides stability on firm groomers and steep, narrow couloirs but rides on top of the holy grail of knee-deep fresh pow.



Level : Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

Gender : Unisex

Lengths : 148 with effective edge of 115.8

                 154 with effective edge of 121.9

                 161 with effective edge of 127.5

Sidecut Radius :  7m, 7.5m, 8.0m

Tip/Waist/Tail : 148cm  Tip 28.5  Mid 24.4  Tail  24.4 

                           154cm   Tip 30.9  Mid 25.5  Tail 30.9

                           161cm   Tip 31.5  Mid 26.1  Tail 31.5 

Allman Brothers Band Skis are also available

Not sure what snowboard design to get? Meier Skis offers custom-designed snowboards!

Design Your Custom Snowboard

Interested in this as wall art?

We can do that! We build wall art pieces without metal edges and other tech components to allow collectors to display Allman Brothers skis and snowboards indoors at a more affordable price point. Shop Allman Brothers Band Wall Art Snowboards

**Skis and snowboards with a limited edition top sheet graphic are made to order. Please allow for between 4-6 weeks for shipment.