Customizable Skis & Snowboards

Design Your Own SkisDesign Your Own Skis or Snowboard

Being a locally produced, handmade product has it’s advantages!  Since everything is done under the same roof, we can easily make top sheet graphic changes.  Want to personalize your ride with something meaningful to you?  Have a favorite picture or art you would like to incorporate?  Maybe even make a promotional item for your business?  No problem!  We can make your ski graphics design dreams come true on any of our skis, any size, or even a snowboard.  

You can choose from an existing graphic design and put it on any model we make:
Ski MSRP + $200

We can give you a design template for whichever ski model you like, you create your design and we put it on your ski!  
Ski MSRP + $250

You supply us with images and/or design ideas and we have our professional graphic designers do the work for you!
Ski MSRP + $350 includes 4 hours of design time.

For more information, please contact us at and we can get to work on your perfect design!