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Eco-Friendly Brass Brush

Have you ever stayed up to wax your skis, making sure they were in pristine condition, only for them to feel slow halfway through the day? Or maybe no matter how much you scrape, they just don't look quite right. It might be because old wax is messing with your brand new tune.

Even though wax makes us slide faster, it's also sticky. Dirt and dust cling to wax, and can ruin even the best of tunes. Take this brass brush and reveal that beautiful base structure once again, so that your wax lasts longer and performs just as well as it did the first time you hopped on your skis. 

Pro tip: Racers use this as their first brush post-wax as well: if you're looking to make your tune as fast as it can be, try giving your skis a run over with a brass brush.