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Built to work as hard as you

We use best-in-class materials at every step. While some skiers might not notice the durability of base of their skis or our extra-thick steel edges, we know that patrollers use their skis as a vital tool. We're confident you'll appreciate the quality of craftsmanship that helps your ski perform season after season.

Due to pro pricing on a custom ski, this is only available for purchase by ski patrollers, upload membership card to this folder.

The skis are priced at $749 for Mustang Sally, Mustang and Quickdraw, $949 for all other models. Due to this special pricing, no additional discounts can be applied.

Meier Skis has a robust pro program for our other products. See our pro page for more information.

About the Skis

We're offering the National Ski Patrol graphic at two price points. We've selected 3 ski models to offer at a lowest price possible to help steamline production. These models were selected during meetings with the NSP to meet the needs of patrollers in the East and the West. While individual ski style and the character of the mountain may dictate otherwise, we have the Mustang and Mustang Sally for the East and the Quickdraw for the West. 

Other Meier models are available with this graphic for an additional $200 charge, simply choose from the dropdown list above and the $200 will appear as an "extra" charge.

Ski patrollers are also eligible for our pro program.

National Ski Patrol Snowboards are also available

Meier celebrates the NSP mission to help keep people safe on the mountain and during other outdoor activities and supports the organization with a giveback on each NSP graphic sale

These skis are custom made to your specifications. Choose the graphic, ski model and length, and we build it just like you ordered! Each Meier ski and snowboard is made in the USA, and backed by a three-year warranty. Find our more on our sustainability page and read reviews from skiers like you.

Need help choosing the right ski shape for this remarkable art? Try our easy ski finder!

Ski Finder Quiz

Or, reach out to us on email, phone or text and a real live skier help choose the perfect model for you.

Not sure what ski design to get? Meier Skis offers custom-designed skis!

Design Your Custom Skis

**Skis and snowboards with a limited edition top sheet graphic are made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipment.

All of our skis are handmade in Denver, CO at the Meier Craft Skiery and are backed by a 3-Year warranty.