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From the band:

Partygrass loves two things: skiing and partying. We also love a third thing: chickens. This shotski design combines our three loves into one fire breathing, skiing and partying, whiskey drinking, rabble rousing chicken for your enjoyment! Guaranteed good times.

This custom Partygrass graphic isbuilt with shots in mind. It's made of with our Colorado beetle-kill pine, maple and aspen wood core for eco-friendly sustainability, but without metal edges because safety first.

The base of the ski features the Meier branding on tip and tail oriented so one of the logos is always right side up - even if you're not.

Shot Ski boots feature 3 levels: green circle, blue square and black diamond. Each line is one ounce, so by black diamond you might want to seriously consider the ABV of your chosen beverage - no judgement.


    • Set of 4 ski boots with Meier Skis logo mounted on ski (binding color varies). They're releasable for the binding for a safer, washable drinking vessel (cause we're grown-ups now).

    Interested in a pair of these built for skiing? We do that, too. Shop the Partygrass custom skis!