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This service is available for purchase in-person only.

P-Tex, Stone Grind, Edge Sharpen, Hand Wax

This is our "like new" level of tune! If you run your fingernail over the scratches on the base of your ski or board and the nail catches, it's likely you need material to fill in that scratch. The material, known as p-tex in the industry, adds to the base so we don't have to grind away too much base material.

We finish this board or ski tune with an edge sharpen and hand wax for a like-new level base that will have you remembering when your ski or board was brand new!

The Meier Experience

Meier makes the best skis in Colorado and beyond, year-round! We pride ourselves on the best tunes around with fast turn times on tunes. If your ski needs a basic edge sharpen and wax or you've done a bit more damage, we can fix your ski and get you back on the slopes in no time. Check out our great reviews on Google